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With which phones can I use PocketPro?

PocketPro is available for iOS (iPhone) and Android devices (Samsung, HTC, LG, Huawei, Sony, etc.) In the Appstore and in the Google Playstore you can see what the requirements of your smartphone and operating systems are to download and use PocketPro.

Can I install PocketPro on my tablet?

Yes, you can download and install PocketPro on your tablet, but please note that the app is developed for the smartphone. When you search for PocketPro on your iPad in the Appstore, it might happen that you cannot find it. In that case, you have to change the Appstore search settings so it also finds iPhone apps.

Do I need to be connected to the internet when I use PocketPro?

No, you can use PocketPro without being connected to the internet. Without a connection you can see the exercise descriptions, keep track of your scores and navigate through the app. However, to see the instruction videos, you do need an internet connection.

The instructional videos cannot be played. What is wrong?

For playing the instruction videos you need to be connected to the internet. Check your phone settings to see if you have a internet connection.

Note; If you want to play a video on a Android device, make sure the (free) Youtube app is also installed on your device. The videos in the PocketPro app use the Youtube player.

Is PocketPro available in different languages?

Yes, right now the app is available in English, French and Dutch. Other languages will be added when the app is updated.

PocketPro automatically detects what language you have selected for your device, and will use this language in the app.


Where can i find my exact handicap?

1) Click on the grey button “Your exact handicap”. There you can set you exact handicap manually by using the picker.

2) Pocketpro has made a connection with a number of Dutch golf clubs. If you are a member of one of these clubs, you can connect with the administration system using your credentials. Once connected, your exact handicap will be automatically retrieved as it is registered with you club. In the future it will also be possible to submit a qualifying scorecard via this connection.

What happens to my personal information when I connect to the administration system in Pocketpro to retrieve my exact handicap?

This handicap is uses by Pocketpro to calculate your scores correctly. However, your personal information will NOT be saved by Pocketpro outside your own app. Once you remove Pocketpro from your phone all your data will be erased.

I can connect Pocketpro with a number of registered golf courses. I must therefore connect with the administration system of this club. What is done with my login credentials?

Your login credentials are being exchanged with you credentials from the administration system from your golf club. This data is protected by a PIN. The information is then used by Pocketpro to properly calculate the scores and to exchange information with your club (Q-card). Your information will NOT be saved by Pocketpro. If you delete the app from your phone all the data will be erased.

Pocketpro has created scorecards for all the Dutch golf courses.
Want to start golfing, but the scorecard of the golf course is not in the list, you can create your own scorecard. After you created this scorecard, you can edit and save it.
To create a scorecard, what do I need?

A paper scorecard provides you all the data you will need to create a digital (blank) card. You can use this card during your round.

Can I use a scorecard more than once?

Yes, you can use the scorecard as much as you like.

Can I edit a blank scorecard once I saved it?

Yes, you can customize and edit a blank scorecard.

I filled in a scorecard and saved it. Can I still edit my results after that?

No, you cannot make any changes after you end and saved your results.

I want Pocketpro to automatically calculate my stableford score. What should I do?

Before you start a round, set your exact and playing handicap.

Where or how can I find my playing handicap?

Your playing handicap is determined by your exact handicap, the color of the Teebox where you turn from, the amount of holes you are going to play (9 or 18) and the course rating. In most of the clubhouses you can read what your playing handicap is. Or you can calculate your playing handicap by filling in the slope rating and the course rating in Pocketpro. Pocketpro automatically fills in the correct exact handicap and par of the course which is also needed to calculate your playing handicap.

Can I also keep score for my flight partners?

Yes you can up to three flight partners. If you fill in your scorecard using the Pebble Time Stroke Keeper you are not able to keep score for any flight partners.

What is the difference between my exact handicap and my playing handicap?

The exact handicap is your official registered handicap. Your playing handicap is the handicap you receive based on your exact handicap, the indexation of the golf course (difficulty), the Teebox and your sex M/F.

When filling in mu scores. Pocketpro also asks the amount of putts. Does this influence my score in general?

No. The amount of putts are part of the total number of strokes per hole. It gives you an insight about your putting performance.

Putts percentage in total. What does this mean?

These are the amount of putts divided by the amount of strokes in total.


Do I have to finish the whole exercise session every time I play?

No, you don’t need to finish the whole session. You can also resume the session later. The results are saved per exercise, so you can also choose to only do the bunker exercises, and not the pitch exercises.

Note: when you resume a session, the date of the exercise will automatically set to the current date.

Can I delete a session from my device.

Yes, this is possible. For the iPhone: swipe your finger from right to left over the session. After swiping, the option ‘delete’ appears. By pressing this option, the session will be deleted.

For Android: Hold your finger on the session that you want to delete. You now get a notification that the session is selected. In the right top of your screen you will see a bin. Press this bin and the session is definitely deleted.

Will my statistics be saved when I close the app?

Yes, all your results and statistics will be saved when you close the app. However, if you delete the app from you device, all the scores will be lost.


Why are the distances shown in Yards/Meters?

When PocketPro is used in French or Dutch, all the distances are shown in meters and centimeters. When PocketPro is used in English, all the distances are shown in Yards and Feet.

Privacy: Will my details and or data be saved anywhere but on my phone?

No, we cannot see any data or results from our users, nor will we save any of this information somewhere else but on your device.

How can I make a suggestion for new functionalities and/or exercises?

You can send any question or request to We are always interested in suggestions or comments from our users. If possible, we will add the new suggested functionalities or exercises to the app with a new update.


The PocketPro app on my Pebble watch doesn’t start automatically. What can I do?

See if the Bluetooth on your phone is switched on or not. Also, check if your Pebble Watch is not in airplane-mode. You can make a Bluetooth connections using the Pebble Time app on the phone.

Can I use my Pebble or Pebble Steel (the watches with the black and white screen) with PocketPro?

No, unfortunately, we don’t support these watches.

How do I open a score card on the Pebble Time or the Pebble Time Steel

When you open a score card on your phone, a screen with the information about the course will open on the Pebble Time watch. Press the middle button on the Pebble Time to open a new screen where you can fill in your strokes and putts.

The PocketPro app on the Pebble Time is shut down (for instance because of a message on your Pebble Time), now what?

You can restart the PocketPro app in the menu of you Pebble Time. You’ll see the details of the course you’re playing again. Press the middle button to continue on the course where you ended.

Can I put my phone on stand-by when I use the PocketPro app on my Pebble Time?

Yes, this is no problem. You’re scores will still be filled in the score card on your phone.

In what languages is PocketPro app on the Pebble Time watch available?

The app is available in English. On your phone, the app is available in French, German, Spanish, Norwegian, Italian, Dutch and English.

The Bluetooth connection disconnected while filling in the score card. Now what?

Shut down the PocketPro app on the Pebble Time. Turn the Bluetooth on the phone on and off. Press the back button on the score card on your phone. You can now restart your unfinished round and use the Pebble to fill in your strokes and Putts.